Fly With Your Pets

Last year we flew 9,663 flights with pets and had 14,376 pet passengers.

Every passenger onboard at Royal jets flight receives first -rate service – even if that passenger happens to be a Jack Russell. All you need to do is follow some simple FAA guidelines:

All pets must be secured by a seatbelt, which can be connected to a leash or harness, or placed in a pet carrier during flight. If your pet weighs less than 150 pounds, your pet may occupy one of the passenger seats. Pets over 150 pounds must remain on the floor.

Please note if the number of passengers onboard is at or near maximum capacity, traveling with pets may be restricted. For more information about travelling with your pets – and to add your pets to the flight itinerary – simply contact your Owner Services Team.

We clean our planes thoroughly after every flight.

Therefore, every time you step onboard, the cabin is spotless.