Royal Jets

Lower Fuel Cost

Royal jets overall fuel buying volume is several times larger than any single general aviation buyer, resulting in meaningful savings that are passed on to our Owners.
Additionally, Royal jets works tirelessly to minimize the effect that rising fuel prices have on our Owners.

This involves:
• Negotiating competitive fuel price deals with FBOs.
• Working with fuel suppliers to find alternative supply sources.
• Negotiating better freight rates.
• Negotiating lower processing costs

The result?

We’ve dramatically increased the fuel discount Royal jets Owners and Jet Card Owners receive. In August 2003 our Owners spent $0.67 less per gallon than the national average, while in February 2012 our Owners spent $1.34 less per gallon. Collectively, this saves our Owners millions of dollars each year.

We also work to eliminate fees that other private aviation companies charge their customers

Royal jets Owners and Jet Card Owners are not billed for many of the services that FBOs and airports in the U.S. charge. These include parking, lavatory use, ground power units, and landing, ramp, and after-hours fees. Not only does this save our Owners over $30 million annually, but it makes fractional jet ownership that much more convenient.


If you have any questions about how to plan the perfect flight or how we can customize a program to meet your exact needs contact us today.


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