Only Royal jets® has the world’s largest fleet of private jets.
This means:
• Guaranteed aircraft availability, just about anytime, anywhere.
• Flying where you want, when you want.
• Taking off and landing from more airports than commercial airlines.

Being a Royal Jets owner or jet card owner means being in control of your travel, your business, and your life.

Imagine being on your annual family vacation in Sun Valley, ID. A few days into your trip you leave one morning after breakfast to visit a new potential venture in New Mexico and are able to get back to your family that evening in time for dessert. With most private companies, you’d be lucky to complete such a trip in 24 hours. In addition, with commercials, practically speaking, it could never happen.

Being in control means being able to change your mind.

Royal jets understand that our Owners’ plans can change and only in the rarest of circumstances we will charge for cancellations. Charter operators usually charge you to cancel a flight – sometimes up to 100% of the cost of the planned trip.